I am Lavonda Van Benthuysen and I am a writer/blogger.  This is a new venture for me as previously I served as a teacher, a communication specialist, and a program designer for North Carolina state government.  I chose to be a public servant because I truly love North Carolina and wanted to serve the citizens of this most special state.

I have never been very comfortable talking about myself, but totally enjoy recognizing others who work hard and who do things to make our lives better. I appreciate the vast talents of those who contribute to our society as a whole.

I love “Oh Wow” moments when something amazing gets my attention.  Perhaps a beautiful flower,  stunning architecture, or the open arms of a child running to meet me.

I want to continue to serve the people of this state and those who are interested in learning more about things that I feel matter.  I hope to  provide you  an opportunity  to have some “Oh Wow” moments when you visit my blog.


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