As a native North Carolinian , I have lived, studied, worked and played in this beautiful state.  Most importantly, I have learned to value all that this state has to offer those who choose to live or visit here.

North Carolina demands our senses stand at “Attention” as we see the beauty all around us, smell the sweet scent of the flowers and trees that make the landscape lush, feel the ocean breeze, or become breathless as we climb our beautiful mountains.  Let us not forget how our taste buds dance when we smell and taste our wonderful southern food accompanied by that much valued southern hospitality.

Most importantly, we are touched and our spirit soars when we experience the “heart” of North Carolina, the people.  It is not only the artists, musicians, farmers, state workers, educators, health professionals, and of course, athletes and fans that make us proud, but the vast melting-pot of people with special talents that makes our hearts swell with pride.

As we begin this journey together, I invite you to open the door to L’s Southern Living and an opportunity to understand why North Carolina is called “The Good Old North State”.

Welcome to my home!

Your guide,



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