A Walk Down Memory Lane

WFSignI just can’t get it off my mind, the walk that my brother and I recently took around the old Wake Forest College campus in Wake Forest, North Carolina. My dad, one of my brothers, my husband, and my daughter all studied at Wake Forest College/University.  

As memories came flooding back for my brother, I could feel his excitement and I felt excited for him.  He had created his own significant memories while living and studying on that beautiful campus. He had also held on to memories that occurred when Dad was a student and our lives were centered around that campus. I must admit, I was a bit envious!

Although I did not study at Wake Forest, walking around the quad where my parents walked, seeing the beautiful architecture of the buildings that were important in the academic lives of my family, and feeling the strength of the beautiful old trees that have stood the test of time, created a profound longing to not only learn more about this beautiful place, but to feel more connected to Wake Forest University and its roots. 

Dad graduated from college and the seminary at the old Wake Forest Campus. Being only one year old when he graduated from college, I am sure the one memory that stands out in my mind must have been when he graduated from the seminary.  That one childhood memory and our walk down memory lane are the inspiration for this and other posts about Wake Forest College and the beautiful campuses that have and will continue to impact the lives of those fortunate enough to experience their grace.  

From the southern charm of the Old Wake Forest Campus-


A Beautiful April Morning

It’s early morning. The view is amazing as the reflection of the clouds in this small golf course lake create that “oh wow” feeling.  Mother Nature really knows how to create a beautiful painting for us to enjoy! 

I take a second look at this gorgeous view and see that a duck has decided to take an early morning swim.  He swims…I see…and we know just how fortunate we are.


A beautiful April morning in North Carolina!



The Little Things

Our journey begins with a simple, elegant flower that represents perfectly  how “little things” can be so powerful in our lives.  

White petals nestle together among the dark green leaves and a sweet floral scent draws you forward to take a sniff.  Ah… there is a depth to the scent that creates the need to sniff once again. It is sweet, floral and oh so beautiful.  You lean forward…

It’s the little things-

From North Carolina,