A Little Peace, Please!

If you were following my blog, you may have wondered what happened to my efforts with no entries for such a long time! You see, the clouds hovered over me as I, unfortunately,  became occupied with having work completed on our home.  Not a very pleasant,” L’s Southern Living” kind of experience. My big girl power pants are almost worn out (lol)!! 

Finally, after several months of turmoil, workers in and out of the house, arguments with the builder, and yes, a heart filled with anxiety, (somewhat like a tropical storm), the sun, in all of it’s beauty, peaks thru the clouds. My head and my heart nod thankfully as if to say “a little peace, please!” I am listening to my heart which is searching for that peaceful, serene and joyful place to abide.  If you are in search of your special space, join me.

In a soft flowing skirt-

Peace, Love and Joy