I Just Want You To Know

Dear Friend,

You made the call to the florist in hopes of sending something beautiful to your mom since you are so far away and cannot be home for Mothers Day.

The person who answered the phone could tell from your voice that sending the perfect gift is important to you. Together you decided the perfect vase and color and types of flowers to use to express just how much you love and appreciate her.

Now—-the important message on your card.  You want Mom to know how special she is to you, and how very much you appreciate all she has done to help you be the person you are today.  The words are chosen and the card written.

The beautiful vase is given to the designer and with pride she designs the perfect flower arrangement for your mom.

The perfect vase, the beautiful flowers, the words of love.


Carefully, I am placed in a delivery van.  I look around and see other beautiful arrangements, but not exactly like me.  I feel special because you chose me to make your mom feel loved and appreciated on this her special day.

All of the flowers around me feel the same way.  We have an important job to do and we will come thru for you!  We are beautiful!

The van stops and the delivery person reaches for me.  I feel a little anxious.  I want your mom to think I am beautiful.  I want her to feel exactly the way you want her to feel.

The doorbell rings.

She opens the door.

 I am handed very carefully to her.

She says how beautiful I am.

I feel loved

I feel happy

I am filled with pride.

Your mom is really happy that I arrived looking so beautiful. The person who delivered me was so nice and so careful to make sure I arrived looking my best.

When she saw me, her eyes filled with tears and I knew she was thinking about you.

She opened the card and read it quietly.  I saw her hold it close to her heart.  She was very touched by your words of appreciation of her love for you throughout the years.

You probably know exactly where she placed me (the first time). I have been moving around the house with her so that she can see me and feel you near.  There is a lot of love here. I hope you have felt the kisses she has sent your way.

A loving smile in her eyes and a look of pride are evidence of her happiness.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to make your mom happy.  I wish I never had to go away!

With deepest appreciation,

Your special gift and expression of your love,

Your Flower Bouquet

L’s Southern Living


Having helped my sister-in-law and brother in their florist in Shelby, NC during the week of Mother’s Day, as well as Valentine for the past few years, I realized the importance of their role in helping make many people feel loved, appreciated and remembered. 

Many thanks to those who work so hard to make those we care about and value so much feel loved, appreciated and remembered.  You do it in ways that may be very difficult for many of us to do, and often without the appreciation you deserve.  The beautiful flowers and the care given to the process is impressive.  It truly takes a team to make it happen!


Here’s to all who work in the florist industry!  You are making a difference in our world and we thank you!!!



The Colors of Love

Her red hair looked so beautiful I recall

Her face soft and gentle with a beautiful glow.

 The look on her face and the smile in her eyes 

Made my heart fill with pride.

Bags of groceries she began to unload

 A sea of colorful fruits and vegetables, 

A sight to behold.

As our eyes met, her eyes filled with tears.

Were they tears of joy or tears of fear?

The sea of colors on our table

The sea of tears in her beautiful blue/green eyes—

Were the signs of love

Of a  Caring Mother


A Mother -to -Be

I write this in honor of my wonderful mother who always gave her children the very best that she could give. This memory of my mom is one that I have cherished as I became a mother- to- be, and a mom to my two wonderful children.