The Colors of Love

Her red hair looked so beautiful I recall

Her face soft and gentle with a beautiful glow.

 The look on her face and the smile in her eyes 

Made my heart fill with pride.

Bags of groceries she began to unload

 A sea of colorful fruits and vegetables, 

A sight to behold.

As our eyes met, her eyes filled with tears.

Were they tears of joy or tears of fear?

The sea of colors on our table

The sea of tears in her beautiful blue/green eyes—

Were the signs of love

Of a  Caring Mother


A Mother -to -Be

I write this in honor of my wonderful mother who always gave her children the very best that she could give. This memory of my mom is one that I have cherished as I became a mother- to- be, and a mom to my two wonderful children.

One thought on “The Colors of Love”

  1. What a wonderful tribute to a wonderful Mother on Mother’s Day. God bless all Mothers on this day. Keep up the good work. I like very much the words of expression you share.

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